Waterproofing Restoration

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Waterproofing Restoration

Johnston Architecture is regarded as a highly experienced architectural firm and experts in coastal restoration, having designed and led the repairs of the largest ocean front structures in southeastern North Carolina. Through assisting dozens of HOAs to preserve, stabilize and in some cases rescue projects in a state of failure, Johnston Architecture has been tasked with the design and planning of extremely technical and complex renovations to dozens of low and hi-rise multi owner, multi-million dollar facilities.

Our work has correcting life safety issues, original design and construction defects and waterproofing issues causing envelope/structural failure while also improving overall aesthetics. Having primarily served owners, though also other architects, engineering firms, contractors and sub-contractors our firm has built a reputation as “go to experts” for the preservation and restoration of the Architectural building envelope. Through this experience our firm has corrected the work of over 50 Architectural and Design Firms and restored 100 plus single and multifamily ocean front structures in the last two decades.

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